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Mobile phone app technology is a must-have business tool

That's where our expertise comes in. So here are a few questions we have received.

“How does the ‘QUIZ FINDER’ app work?”

The ‘QUIZFINDER’ application or ‘app’ is a free downloadable tool onto smart-phones.

The ‘Quizzes Near Me’ search will list the nearest quiz venue to your location. There is also a ‘filter venue’ feature which lets you search for quizzes on that day.

The ‘Quizzes By Location’ search will let you search by country or county and list all the quizzes in that county. Clicking on the venue will then take you to the venue page showing venue picture, address, telephone and website details, along with the quiz details and relative information. There is also a ‘call venue’ button where you can book a table (depending on the venue’s booking  requirements). There is also a link button to the venue’s relevant website or Facebook page. If the venue is part of a pub chain, then the link will take you to the relevant web page.

This free app is a must-have quiz locating tool for all quizzers everywhere.

“How do I list my quiz?”

You can register all your details through the LIST MY QUIZ link .


By credit card through our secure Buy Now Button at Quiz Britain. You will receive an e-receipt upon payment.


You can make a cash payment direct to any one of our agents at your venue, which takes about 10 minutes in all. Our agent will take your details,    give you a temporary receipt and also take a picture of your venue – inside and out. Once your listing has been set up, normally within a week, you will receive confirmation by email with e-receipt.

Please call us if you would like one of our staff to visit you.

“What picture do I send”?

Any decent good quality picture of your venue will be accepted. You can either upload through your registration form prior to check-out or attach it through an e-mail. NOTE – Please don’t crop your photo prior to uploading as we do this automatically through your listing. If you would like an interior picture of your venue put on your venue page, then send that along to us to.

If you don’t have a picture, it is possible that one of our photographers can obtain one.

“When does it go live?”

Normally within a few days, but at times there may be a slight delay in listing due to a backlog. Within a week is what we guarantee.

“I already advertise my venue through other means –

why should I advertise through yours?”

A lot of quizzes at present advertise through press, poster and billboard means. Whilst this is a good way to advertise yourself locally, a lot of local customers will already know your quiz night exists. Our tourist pamphlets can be found in various outlets around the UK, including most Tourist Information Centres.

Quizzers also visit our website too, over 60k a month and rising!

If your venue is listed they will find you!

“With so many websites that can advertise us for free, why should we pay you?”

To date, we have had well in excess of over one and half million visiting quizzers since Quiz Britain began at the start of 2013.

By being up-to-date and with current input from our clients, visiting quizzers get accurate information .

A few ‘so-called’ quiz websites will indeed put your details on their site for free, but soon become outdated due to not keeping the info up-to-date. If pubs close or quizzes cease or alter, the site does not update and viewers to that site soon become disillusioned and move elsewhere. This can give your venue a bad name. By us charging a nominal flat fee, you provide the updated and accurate details – not us!

Plus we do check from time to time with the venue.

If this is not enough, we also promote any charity quiz events you may have FREE and use the powerful social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook to promote your venue and quiz events. We tell the Quizzing WORLD!

“Why can’t I rate a quiz venue?”

Whilst some people may not like the way a certain quiz is run, it doesn’t mean their opinion reflects on how others perceive the quiz night to be. Therefore, a person/s individual negative view should not discourage others who wish to visit the venue. You can however, make a comment on the venue’s page (subject to acceptance by our moderators).

“What happens if I no longer run the quiz?”

If the quiz has to be cancelled temporary for any reason – or has to be cancelled, then let us know. Via e-mail or telephone is all that’s required for us to suspend listing. When you are ready to re-start the quiz then just get in touch 14 days prior to your start day so we can re-list.


“What is planned for the future?”

Tourist friendly pamphlets are slowly covering all parts of the UK and our first run of 5k ‘Quizzing In The New Forest’ pamphlets went out all over the national park – see HERE. Other exciting projects include in house QB quiz competitions involving quiz celebrities and charity quiz events within our customers venues. Watch this space!!!

Who knows, we may appear at your quiz night one day!


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