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Pub Quiz Crawls

Pub Quiz Crawls

After our successful trial of a unique quiz venture in York last year, the PUB QUIZ CRAWL may be rolled out in various cities around the UK…


Back at the tail end of last year (2014), you may have noticed on social media that we trialled a fun way having a quiz. Hosted by our roving part-time staff member and quiz master John Henderson, we put out last-minute details on where to meet up in York and over 30 people came along. Some were ‘newbies’ to the city but everybody said they had a great time by the end of the evening. We are hoping to arrange another in May and later on in the year and hopefully press coverage will mean even more pubs will want to take part in this.  You don’t have to be a pub with a regular quiz night to take part in it, but you DO have to be a listed QB pub.This is so late comers or people taking part in the crawl can find the pubs with directions from their smart phones by using our unique QUIZFINDER app.
Go HERE  to list you pub for the one-off promotional listing of £9.99. This covers the listing and promotion of your venue.
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On non quiz nights in your pub, we organize a rolling pub quiz crawl with it’s own quiz compere around 5 pubs in an area. The group has a round in each pub and it is all kept low key with the questions on sheets of paper. Groups of around 30 will take place and there will be different pubs visited on each crawl.

This will bring in much needed revenue on a quiet night when you do NOT have a quiz.


If you are a landlord or manager, here are some answers to some questions you may have…..

Will it disturb my pub’s regular customers?

No. The quizmaster will contact you direct before any planned event will take place and it will be arranged on a night that you would normally be quiet. For those that run a regular quiz night, then obviously it will be NOT on one of those evenings. Also, each quiz round for each venue will be given direct to the players/teams and so no shouting out will take place and it will all be done in a discreet manner so as not to affect your regulars.

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How long are they there for?

Around 30 mins is the average. Obviously, if you are the 5th and last pub then they may stay longer. The results will be given at the last pub and a trophy to the winners will be given. If you have a microphone then that would be an advantage but not essential.




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Our first 2015 event was the #YorkWhizz in York on May 19th. To read all about the night, go to our report HERE .

Outside York, we are in the process of arranging pub quiz crawls this year in lots of places, and Brighton and Oxford are next on our list.

So watch this space!

For more info, do get in touch with our team, and we’ll explain more.

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