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Quiz Suppliers (UK)

Here you will find UK quiz suppliers

  Redtooth are the leading name in entertainment for the licensed trade and largest supplier of pub quizzes to the UK pub market with over 3,000 pubs and clubs receiving their weekly quiz. Their reputation is second to none!


Quiz Master Shop is a totally new way to buy your quizzes. Most quiz web sites provide all their customers with, essentially, the same quizzes; however, we allow you to customise your quiz to meet your exact requirements.

You can choose…

  • The precise number of rounds that you need to fit into the time you have available for a quiz.
  • The exact subjects for each of these rounds based on your clientele’s interests.
  • The correct degree of difficulty for each of these subjects, to match your customers.

You can download your quizzes as and when you want, but, to make things even easier for you, you can subscribe and receive your customised quiz every week, month or whenever you want. Get what you want, not what you’re given.

Quiz Team logo  The Quiz Team was founded in 2007 by actor Jez Worsnip.  It was born out of a curiosity for general knowledge and a love of engaging people and making them laugh.

With quizzes that are well written and researched, varied, challenging & interesting.

The aim is to bring people together in a pub or corporate event setting to be entertained, enlightened & to perhaps, win a few prizes along the way.

SpeedQuizzing logo (Mobile)  The Speedquizzing system has changed the way people today approach quiz events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great British pub quiz to evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

SpeedQuizzing’s quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone pub quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat.

Special discount for Speedquizzing supplied venues HERE

Question One logo  Question One was founded in 2003, and from our first pub quiz at the Harwood Arms in Fulham, our Quiz Masters can be found conducting weekly quizzes at over 80 different venues all over the UK and beyond.
Our quizzes offer a unique blend of current affairs, general knowledge, audio rounds and picture puzzles with a lot more excitement thrown in. We specialise in weekly and one off quiz nights at bars and restaurants, corporate functions, fundraisers and parties. Our Quizmasters are professionally trained and chosen specifically for their ability to entertain all types of crowds. Question One provide all materials and marketing support by way of posters and Twitter hints tailored to your venue!

  The Quiz TeamQuizzes for pubs, parties, charity & corporate events. If you need a quiz call The Quiz Team. We provide the quiz, the host, the sound equipment & a great night of pub quizzing. Get in touch so we can arrange a quiz night for you.

One of the few quiz companies in the country, Unit One Entertainment are taking quizzing into the 21st century with the new ‘Smartphone Quiz’. Using current Wi-Fi technology and specially developed quiz software they can offer a completely new style of quiz, a quiz without paper or pens, a quiz where all the scoring is done for you, and provides it’s own jingles and sound effects as it goes.

If most of your quizzers use smartphones, then this could be the quiz supplier for you!

  Quiz Pub – Have been making high quality fun pub quizzes for years that save you many hours of hard work. If you’re looking for a fun quiz night then this is the only place you can get them. They are tried and tested and they will make you look like a professional.

  Ready Made Pub Quiz – Pub quiz trivia questions ready to print out and go.We have picture rounds, general knowledge rounds and specialist theme rounds – print them in order or take your pick!

Inquizition logo (Mobile) Inquizition is a supplier of high-end, quality pub quizzes. Subscribe to receive the weekly quiz straight to your inbox or get in touch to discuss Inquizition running every aspect of your quiz night. Each quiz includes: Carefully hand-picked, researched questions – Beautiful full-colour picture round  – Spot-the-intro music round – Mystery Voices – TV  / film themes

LOGO_Large_sharpenedQuiz Express – Our pub quiz questions – As writers and purveyors of the perfect pub quiz, our quizzes are witty, well informed, bang up to date, and come with back up trivia (always useful – and often quite interesting.)

Our mission to enlighten not only the mind, but also the mood. To provide the quizzing public with an entertaining selection of pub quiz questions & trivia, designed to test knowledge, stimulate the imagination and tickle the funny bone. To provide pubs with a professional quiz supply service, that is cost effective and can be relied on to save time, boost custom and increase profits.

inquizitive-logo  Inquizitive.co.uk Free Quizzes and Trivia. Quiz of the Year.

There is no better way to test your old grey matter than with a good pub quiz. Our multiple choice quizzes provide a great way to prove – once and for all – that your general knowledge is really better than your mates! Whether practising to be on a TV game show or simply passing the time you are sure to learn something new today!

Peacock Quizzes logoAt Peacock Pub Quizzes, you will find hundreds of professionally made pub quizzes.

Their quiz packs are suitable for all quizzing skill levels, From the quiz newbie to the quizzing Mastermind. Perfect for your weekly pub quiz or sat in your home entertaining family and friends. If you are a buyer who just requires one quiz every now and then, we have a single quiz priced at £4.

162032_241681179257804_1866032413_n[1]At Quizzy Rascal, our primary objective is to provide our customers with quality quiz material, although we are a fairly new concept as an online quizzing entity, we have at least 20 years of combined experience as quiz writers and quiz presenters. During this time, we have assembled a huge amount of quiz material, but we are only too aware that all of our clients are different, and have very different requirements. Although we are adding brand new quiz material all the time, if you cannot find what you are looking for  from our existing database, we will prepare a quiz for you, to your exact requirements. There is a special section of our website where you can describe exactly what you need, pay, and we will E mail your completed quiz within 48 hours. Let your imagination run riot, if you want a quiz based on the most obscure subject, we will research and provide it for you.

Kudos quizzes - Copy (Mobile)

Kudos Pub Quizzes – Professional pub quiz providers. Download and print ready made quizzes for your pub or club. Free trial quizzes and answer sheets. Two great new quizzes set weekly for instant download.

Special discount for Kudos supplied venues HERE

QMV logo 2Quiz Masters Voicefounded by Andrew Thomson, a professional quiz master with almost a decade’s experience in hosting pub quizzes in Soho and other areas of London for the last 7 years, together with tailor-made corporate and charity quiz nights. Initially entering the world of pub quizzes as a hobby, he soon found himself giving up the day job to take on his role of pub quiz master full-time.

click me   Pub Quiz ProMake any night a Saturday night – We supply the fun, you collect the profits!

Join our community of bar and club owners and professional hosts who are attracting loyal patrons on a weekly basis with bar trivia. Professionally prepared bar trivia quiz packs that include Q&A rounds, picture and hand-out rounds, audio rounds, puzzles and brainteasers. Plus find how-to articles, templates, quiz co-lateral, and advertising material. Everything you need to run and host a successful trivia quiz night.

goose quiz logo  Goose’s Quizzes like to keep things as straightforward as possible, and have years of experience putting on weekly quiz nights as well as corporate and charity events; they have a huge collection of ready made quiz rounds, but are equally willing to produce new rounds on whatever subject you would like. So whether you’re looking to put on a one off event or are interested in launching a weekly pub quiz, get in touch with them and get involved!’


Kwizzbit is a unique interactive quiz and audience participation platform played and operated using a smart phone or Internet enabled device in real time. Designed and developed by a team of quiz and gamification enthusiasts with a proven track record of delivering entertainment solutions to market, KwizzBit allows both the player and the host to engage seamlessly in interactive entertainment.

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