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The World Record attempt by Pub Aid

The World Record attempt by Pub Aid

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“Thousands of quizzers will simultaneously answer the first in a series of questions in the World’s Biggest Quiz organised by Pub Aid, a volunteer working party dedicated to celebrating the great work done by UK pubs for charity and launched in 2009″….


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Supported by JustGiving, the aim is to raise money for local causes and charities. They are also attempting to try to break the Guinness World Record for the largest multi-venue quiz.

Who is behind Pub Aid?
PubAid was founded by Des O’Flanagan (Ex S&N MD), Keith Knowles (CEO, Beds and Bars) and Tim Sykes (Chairman, Beds and Bars). They are joined by Dr Martin Rawlings (Ex BBPA), Nick Bish (Ex ALMR), Tim Hulme (CEO BII), Yaser Martini (various roles including non exec director at Cirrus Inns, and shareholder at Sipsmith Independent Spirits), Ross Piggott (RP Databases) and James Cuthbertson (Instinctive PR).
“Have they beaten the World Record I hear you ask”?

Well, very shortly we’ll have the answer…….watch this space!

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