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Trivia Suppliers (USA/Canada)

Here you will find trivia suppliers for trivia nights in the USA and Canada



Are you hosting a pub quiz night at your local pub/bar?
Are you struggling to come up with great questions, week after week?
Would you rather be spending more time on important things like running your business

Quizrunners has trivia packages that will suit all settings and budgets. We have over a decade of experience hosting trivia nights and pub quizzes. Our trivia night packages have been used by hundreds of pubs, clubs, fundraising and team-building events all over the world (5 continents and more than 20 countries). Our team of experts has gone to great lengths to not only provide well-researched trivia questions, we’ve used them ourselves to make sure your trivia players will get the best possible experience, and come back for more!

There can be a fine line between having trivia questions that are too easy and boring, or too difficult and frustrating. We strike the perfect balance so no matter what the expertise level of your players, they will be entertained and challenged!

Also included is our automated scoring spreadsheet that is being used by hundreds of pubs around the world. Simply enter the scores each round and it will tally the scores up automatically and identify who is in the lead.

For more information, go to the Quiz Runners website HERE

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The Speedquizzing system has changed the way people today approach quiz events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great British pub quiz to evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

SpeedQuizzing’s quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone pub quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat.

For more information about Speedquizzing, go the Speedquizzing website HERE

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With around 20% of our online visitors from the US and Canada, we already advertise many bars that hold regular trivia nights in those two countries, with more listing every week. With some bars just starting up or thinking about holding a trivia evening, you need to let them know you can supply their needs. Here in the UK, many large and small quiz companies promote their page on our UK Quiz suppliers page HERE.

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