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Howl at the Moon (London)




“This boozer has some of the best craft beer around — always something interesting to try. Guaranteed a great night in the Howl!”….

hoxton howl interior

Bringing craft beer to Hoxton, while not taking itself too seriously, the pub is located on Hoxton Street just off Hoxton square and in the heart of the dynamic Shoreditch social scene.

Serving craft beer, sourced from far and near, providing quality home cooked food, sourced locally where possible, The Howl is continually innovating its beer and food.

Howl at the Moon is open 12pm to 1am Friday and Saturday and from 12pm to 11pm the rest of the week.



Hosted and written by COMPLEAT QUIZ, every Monday at 8pm.

£2 to enter with a maximum of 6 to a team.

£50 tab plus wine and cash Jackpot

Plus to qualify for the monthly London Champions Pub Quiz Night.

(To find other venues that compete for the event, type LONDON CHAMPIONS in our homepage search bar.)

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178 Hoxton St, London N1 5LH UK

Monday 8pm


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