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Quiz Venue

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Original Brass Monkey (Edinburgh)




“This Brass Monkey on Drummond Street is the proper original Brass Monkey, complete with weird room through the back and great tunes all day long. One of Edinburgh’s very best pubs for sitting in all day and getting rat-arsed”…..

One of the best bars in Edinburgh and a local secret, Brass Monkey offers all manner of delights. From Havana and Coke for little more that £2.50, monkey art, iconic posters and an intimate back room – what more could you want? A room made of pillows, you say? Weeell…

Brass Monkey interior

The larger back room is a mound of mattresses and cushions with little tables that you can rest your pint perfectly in (not on) from your lying-down (or at least lounging) position. There are movies on the big screen everyday at 3pm too, for those lucky people who don’t have to work for a living (*cough*, students), alongside a varying selection at the weekend. There’s also soups and sandwiches on offer, with yummy muffins if you get the munchies too. All in all, it’s a gem of a place, great for a slow afternoon pint or a fun gathering before a night out. Please don’t tell too many folk, though; we don’t want everyone to know.

photo and blog courtesy of THE SKINNY


Every Wednesday at 9pm with our resident quiz host…



All quizzes carry a booze prize and a cash rollover. Jackpots can roll up and get up £200, £300… maybe more.

Best fun, best quiz nights, Dr Paul quizzes are friendly and exciting.


Dr Paul is the greatest quiz master in Scotland and is working for YOU!

Jackpot round is charged at £2 but the main quiz is always free to enter.

Quiz starts as close to official start time as possible and ends by 10.30pm.

You don’t have to be a genius to strike it rich, the questions are nicely done. Come and have a go, four nights a week.

If you don’t have a quiz team of your own, you can join in with like-minded strangers via the Dr Paul meet-up group HERE

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