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Renoufs (Westbourne – Bournemouth)




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At the Award Winning Renoufs Cheese and Wine Restaurant in Westbourne, Bournemouth, we know a thing or two about cheese. In fact, we could say that we’re the best Cheese and Wine eatery in Bournemouth. But we’d rather leave that to your judgement. Our Menu is comprised of the very best and finest local and international Wines and Cheeses, paired by our knowledgeable team. We also offer stunning locally sourced charioteer boards with complimenting chutneys and sides.
Renoufs cheese
Not forgetting our refreshing Ploughman’s for lunch. It’s a perfect combination in a perfect setting
One myth is that cheese boards should be accompanied only by heavy reds and ports. However many cheeses combine better with other wines. Here are some rules of thumb which can be observed….
The harder the cheese the higher tannic content the wine can have.
For cheese with high salt content consider sweetness over the colour of your wine.
Crisper and fruitier wines best partner paler and fresher cheeses.

Heavier richer cheeses go well with light reds and chardonnay.

Veined cheeses such as Stilton accompany sweeter wines.
Creamier cheeses require crisper more acidic whites to cut through to the palate.
Soft cheeses with rind pair well with full bodied reds with lower tannins or heavy whites.

Renoufs quiz winners
Renoufs Restaurant in Bournemouth isn’t always about the dining experience. Every Monday, we host a fun quiz night at the restaurant in Westbourne. We are always looking for teams to join the quiz night, so if you and a few of your friends are looking for a little bit of fun on a Monday night, call us so we can save you a table. You don’t have to dine with us and as a little extra, we offer 2 for 1 on selected wines during our Quiz.
We have cash prizes, food and drink prizes and a booby prize.
Every Monday at 8pm is Westbourne’s premier quiz…..
£1 to enter with no limit to your team.
Book up as we get busy, so we’ll see you there!

Did you know?

Quizzing in Dorset front You will find us in the Quizzing In Dorset tourist information pamphlets coming soon….

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48a Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset BH4 9DZ UK

Monday 8pm


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