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Quiz Venue

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The Boogaloo (Highgate – London)



“The sweetest little ‘Juke Joint’ in the world”…..

The Boogaloo has been a gathering place, a watering place, a music hall place, a dancing place, the host of art happenings and literary events, the inspiration for a song or two and a discreet place for a rockstar, an elegant lady or a man of the cloth to have a quiet drink amid the chaos while the crazy world spins. We opened our doors for the first time many years ago and we are glad to say, we are going as strong as ever today. We love the past and everything vintage, just as much as we love everything new that we bring to the bar, but The Boogaloo has the charm of staying timeless …..and thats the way we like it!

Welcome to Boogalooville and we hope we serve you well.

The Boogaloo Jukebox is famous, in fact its really famous, all because its the best. We have won awards all over the world for our jukebox and that is no exaggeration.We wish to thank Richard Thomas for first compiling the initial record selection when we first opened.

boogaloo inside (Mobile)

We run a process where we ask friends of the bar that we deem to have good taste to chose their top ten albums and occasionally we add them on and shuffle around our original selection. To date such luminaries as Iggy Pop, David Soul, Kate Moss, Shane MacGowan, Ronnie Wood, Sinead O’Connor, The Libertines and the Pogues amongst many others have given us their favourite selections. We will keep shuffling the records but the music will stay the same.


Join our fun POP CULTURE QUIZ!

With our quiz host MADDIE every Wednesday night.

Starts at 8pm and £2 per person to enter.

Winners get a bottle of wine, 2nd gets a round of shots and there is even shots for the best team name!


We are running a 6 month league for all teams with the winners to get a REALLY BIG PRIZE!

Did you know? You can hire out our room too?

Clue : It could really take off!!!!

So what are you waiting for? A warm welcome awaits at The Boogaloo!

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312 Archway Road, Highgate, London. N6 5AT

Wednesday 8pm

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