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Quiz Venue

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The Camelford Arms (Brighton)



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“A Community Pub in the Heart of Kemptown”………

The Camelford Arms has a simple approach – to be the sort of pub we would love to go to ourselves.

No loud music. No attitude. Where EVERYONE is welcome. All we ask of our guests is that you are nice and friendly.(Ok, that last bit isn’t completely accurate. We do also require that you are over 18 years of age. It isn’t that we don’t like children, rather this is a requirement of our licence).

Ok, it’s a bit quirky, not arguing with you about that, but our cheeky little outside space is a popular secret.

 The Moroccan Garden

Hidden away at the rear of the pub, this cosy little area has seating for 12 people and open till 9pm each day. Perfect for that discreet little rendezvous away from prying eyes, or for a larger crowd to get together for a long lazy Sunday lunch.  It is beautifully lit and has full outside heating, making it available all year long. (To be honest, we think it is at its best on the autumn / winter evenings).  The garden is available for private reservation.This is a no-smoking area.

PS – Yes , there IS a link between our garden and Morocco – it’s a camel thing. CAMELford Arms etc – geddit?

Sunday Afternoon BEAR BASH from 5pm…..

Every Sunday, FREE SANDWICHES and raffles to end the weekend in a silly way.

Raffles every 15 mins from 5.30pm – free tickets with every drink bought.


Every Thursday night is quiz night, 9pm start

Only £1 per person to enter.

The winners then have a choice of 6 envelopes, one of which contains a guaranteed £300!

It’s popular and it’s fun. It raises spirits, smiles and money for charity every week.

It’s what pub-quizes are all about.

NOTE: Only tables can be pre-booked if you are eating on quiz night.


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Thursday 9pm

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