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The Clapham North (Clapham – London)


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Clapham North-Clapham 2 (Mobile)

Clapham North used to be one crazy neighborhood. Some say it still is. We have certainly seen some fairly interesting things around here. However when we took over it was just plain dangerous. In fact, our first punter was a junkie and our second one started a fight…….Good times!!

Even though it was total chaos at times, we were always extremely proud of our pub because a togetherness existed that is pretty rare these days. You see it was all about the characters that walked through the door, the staff and the relationships that were formed. It was real and it was the soul of the place.

What’s amazing is that those characters are still here and the staff mentality remains the same. Like all businesses that grow you realise that you have to adapt and change. However some businesses also lose their way in this process and in turn lose their soul. We refuse to let that happen because a pub without a soul just isn’t a pub.


Every Sunday at 8pm

£2 Per person to enter with no maximum team size

(but a 2-point penalty for every player over 6 people)


RUNNERS UP – £30 Food

3rd PLACE – £20 Wine

+ Scratchcards, Drinks, Spot-the-intro music round, Picture Round, Film and TV quotes, Mystery Voices, TV Themes, Puzzles.

Make sure to book a table as it gets very busy!



409 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT UK

Sunday 8pm

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