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Quiz Venue

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The Persevere (Leith – Edinburgh)




“Leith is a unique port town. The home of golf, The Proclaimers and Irvine Welsh, and The Persevere is a classic Leith pub and restaurant. Old fashioned without being stuffy or out of date, we celebrate all that’s best about the local area”…..

Built in the traditional style, The Percy features old Spanish mahogany woodwork, individual leather booths and the central “island bar” design that is typical of Scottish pubs, which encourages chatter across the bar, and with particularly stunning tiled murals on the walls showing historical Edinburgh and Leith scenes. Food is available throughout the day and is fundamentally traditional Scottish fare celebrating Scotland’s wealth of fresh seafood, game and vegetables.

In keeping with our location just a few hundred metres from Easter Road Stadium, home of Hibernian FC, we’re keen sports fans, showing all major events (not just football) on several large screens. If you’ve noticed the “Hibees” button on the left and given it a click you’ll get an idea of our atmosphere – usually a calm, tranquil oasis we do get a fair bit louder and energetic on match days – not in a rowdy or unpleasant way, but if there’s a home game on it may not be the best time to bring Great Aunt Effie in for a quiet sherry. If you like an energetic, passionate, friendly bar to watch the football in then we’re perfect! We also take advantage of extended licensing hours for early home games.

Join us every Tuesday night for our weekly poker league! New players, even absolute novices, are very welcome, and as we’re playing a national league there’s no big buy-in or any chance of losing your shirt! Cowboy hats and shades permitted. Spitoons not provided.

Join us every Saturday night from 8.30pm for live music with some of the best local musicians!

Sundays is quiz night (see below). We’re not sure he’s actually a doctor, we’ve never seen him so much as depress a tongue…maybe it’s a PhD type doctor, quizology or something. It wouldn’t surprise us, because he does know a hell of a lot about quizzes. Get a few mates together, think up a witty team name and try to answer a few questions – there’s always a few wild card questions to defeat the “semi-pro” teams that plague some other pubs, and if you sign up to Dr Paul’s newsletter you’ll even get a few hints for the upcoming quiz too!



All quizzes carry a booze prize and a cash rollover. Jackpots can roll up and get up £200, £300… maybe more.

Best fun, best quiz nights, Dr Paul quizzes are friendly and exciting.


Dr Paul is the greatest quiz master in Scotland and is working for YOU!

Jackpot round is charged at £2 but the main quiz is always free to enter.

Quiz starts as close to official start time as possible.

You don’t have to be a genius to strike it rich, the questions are nicely done. Come and have a go, four nights a week.

If you don’t have a quiz team of your own, you can join in with like-minded strangers via the Dr Paul meet-up group HERE

For more info on Dr.Paul, go to DP QUIZ LIVE or on social media…


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Quizzing in Edinburgh -front  Quizzing in Scotland frontYou will find us in the Quizzing In Edinburgh and Quizzing In Scotland tourist information pamphlets coming soon….

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Sunday 6pm


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