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The Trinity Arms (Brixton – London)




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 “Popular with locals and gig-goers alike, the Trinity prides itself on its great beer and cosy atmosphere”…….

trinity bar

Built in 1850, it is named after the Trinity Asylum in Acre Lane which was founded for poor women who professed belief in the Holy Trinity by Thomas Bailey. It is a landmark that has survived the bombings of WW2, an icon which is a favorite among local businesses, couples and gig goers alike.

An award winning pub serving well kept ales, fine wines a unique selection of single malted whiskeys and food that is served daily.


Hosted every Tuesday 8pm by our top quiz host….


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£1 per person to enter, up to a maximum of 6 people.

£25 VOUCHER to be won plus a chance of free drinks during the quiz!

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45 Trinity Gardens London SW9 8DR UK

Tuesday 8pm


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