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Who is your favourite quiz show host?

Who is your favourite quiz show host?

uks favourite tv quiz host

Last year we run a poll to find the UK’s favourite TV Quiz show, with the winner being Bullseye.


This year we are asking you to vote for your favourite UK TV quiz host of all time.

Quiz Britain is aiming to finally settle the argument of which is the UK’s most popular TV quiz host of all time. We have come up with a long list going right back to the first ever quiz show on our screens to ask general knowledge questions…..

We want quizzers and armchair viewers to whittle them down to their no.1 favourite of all time.

We want the British public to vote on who they think is the best presenter of all time. He or she needs to be entertaining, funny yet able to command the attention of the audience as well as the viewing public. If you are glued to the screen by the excitement of it all, then that presenter should get your vote. Can’t make your mind up? Then vote for both as you have up to a maximum of 3 votes per person.

Poll Award (Mobile)

 The winner will get this bespoke award. Watch press for details and closing date to vote will be midnight on January 31st 2016. The results will be released on February 1st.

 Tell all your friends about it, and get them involved too! Last year thousands voted to decide on their favourite show and this year looks to be another popular voting subject.

Photo courtesy of Jaycee Trophies

Use the hashtag #UKTVQSPOLL on social media to interact with others and spread the word.

Also look out for our tweets about it too!

So get voting!

uks favourite tv quiz host

CLOSING DATE – January 31st 2016 – POLL NOW CLOSED!

Closing date of voting is midnight on January 31st 2016 and the results will be released the next day on 1st February 2016.

Shows are shown in random order but all votes are registered once you have selected the vote button.

Maximum of 3 votes per person.

No amendments can be made after the poll button has been selected.

All press enquiries, please contact Julie Wiggs on 07920 140620 or email info@quizbritain.com

Award will be presented to the winning candidate during February (date to be arranged).

See social media for updates.

QB Awards bespoke trophy supplied by Jaycee Trophies

16 Reviews to “Who is your favourite quiz show host?”

  1. Shirley Bullock

    I love Bruce Forsyth. He is the most professional and funniest game show host ever; he is a legend. He is unique in his presentation and hosting skills and seems to put his contestants at ease with a laugh and a joke. I have been on several tv game shows but unfortunately not one with Bruce hosting, but I love to watch him on a show.

  2. Jonathan

    for me its got to be the legend Bruce Forsyth the best out there total LEGEND!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth

    John Barrowman – funny, intelligent, talented (not to mention – hot!). Gotta love the guy.

  4. David Thomas

    Well that isn’t easy, Michael Miles, Michael Barrymore, Bob Monkhouse, Des O’Connor, Les Dawson, Bruce Forsyth all brought such fun and energy to game shows. Julian Clary and Hugh Jolly added a whole new dimension to the fun as well.

  5. Mooseflapper

    The wonderful sadistic horror of that phrase “Look at what you could have won” stays with you forever.

  6. Sandra

    Can’t decide between Jasper Carrott, Bradley Walsh or Dermot Murnaghan so voted for all three


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