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Quiz Venue

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Café Amstelstroom (Amsterdam)


History Pubquiz Amsterdam
from September 2005, the quiz Pubquiz Amsterdam every first Monday of every month at Cafe Amstelstroom.The quiz was started by Margôt Limburg and Saskia Aukema, and quickly proved so popular that there is a small but successful company arose from. But after 6.5 years found the former quiz miss the time for something different, and in June 2012, all commercial activities Pubquiz VOF discontinued.
The quiz at Cafe Amstelstroom is nowadays organized by changing teams. Margôt and Saskia administer the site, supporting young talents quiz with materials and every first Monday of the month attended the quiz – but now as a candidate.

The provisional schedule quiz

date organizers
Mon. December 3, 2012 The Doves
Mon. January 7, 2013 Spanizh Inquizzition
(quiz 2012)
Mon. February 4, 2013 The Oracle
Mon. March 4, 2012 DIUT
Mon. April 1, 2012 Hoevelaken
Mon. May 6, 2012 vacant
Mon. June 3, 2012 vacant
July and August — Holiday —


How do I register as a quizmaster? 
Interested in one of the monthly quizzes to organize? Send Margôt and Saskia one email , or talk to us during the quiz.

How do I register as a candidate? 
Every day of the month you can at the top of this page to register for the next quiz. The maximum team size is 5 persons.Be on time, because it can quickly filling up. We have space for up to 18 teams.



Weesperzijde 40  1091 EE Amsterdam, Netherlands

+31 20 665 4662

Mondays (1st of the month except July & Aug) 8pm

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