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Quiz Venue

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Maxim Resto Bar (Palermo – Buenos Aires – Argentina)






Beerlingual is just like any other Pub Quiz, but we do it Spanglish style  – bilingual! It’s another option to meet locals and practice languages outside of the classroom! We put together teams of locals and visitors and your quizmaster asks questions like, “What Lord of the Rings actor spent part of his childhood in Argentina and speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent?”Then you discuss, debate, even argue your way to a group answer. And you don’t need to know Spanish to attend because the questions are in Spanish and English! You’ll have fun, learn a little bit about Buenos Aires and the best teams win cool prizes like bar tabs, event passes and yummy treats.

Check-in opens at 7:30pm and runs until 8:00pm. Be there early and bring exact change (15 pesos) to avoid the line!

We love for you to bring friends!




Every Wednesday 7.30pm


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