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Quiz Venue

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The Baggott Inn (Dublin)




Established in 1969 The Baggot Inn is a trendy, lively pub in Town. With the unique experience of “Pulling Your Own Pint”, you will have a memorable visit. Try out their premium cocktails or delicious new Bar Bites and Evening Menu, using the freshest local ingredients’ in all of their dishes.

The Baggot Inn venue also boasts a colourful history. A young Bono was almost turned away from the world famous doors for looking underage, Tracey Chapman launched her career there, Bob Geldof begged for a month before he was given a gig. U2, Christy Moore , Thin Lizzy, Danny O’Donoghue and The Water-boys all performed some of their best gigs there.

The Baggot Inn are proud to announce, we now accept Bitcoin. Keep an eye out for our brand new Bitcoin ATM machine, which will be arriving at the bar soon!

You can expect the good aul Thursday nights for Quiz Night with some live music & ladies night on Fridays gives you 3 for 2 cocktails.


143 Lower Baggot St Dublin 2 Ireland

Thursday 9pm

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