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York Pub Quiz Crawl 2015 announced!

York Pub Quiz Crawl 2015 announced!

The first York Pub Quiz Crawl #YorkWhizz of 2015 has been confirmed…

Tuesday May 19th 2015

Do you fancy a fun night out in the beautiful city of York? A chance to take part in a quiz with a difference? Then join our teams and get involved.

YorkWhizz flyer (Mobile)

The Press

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Read the review by News Editor Gavin Aitchison in York’s local, The Press HERE



Pub Crawl T Shirt

Make up your own team or just tag along and join in the fun by joining one of the others, it’s up to you. It’s a fun night that all York quizzers will like to take part in. Who knows, you may even get to be our Champions!

The following QB pubs have been picked for our first #YorkWhizz of 2015, and the total walking time of the entire route is only 35 minutes! The roving quiz-meister will be none other than our very own York based John Henderson (and helpers).

Also present will be our QB reporters who will be photographing and videoing the evening (Yes, you could be famous!).

The Pub Quiz Crawl Winners will get this cup below….

(as modeled expertly by our newest staff member Jesamine)

Jez trophy (Mobile)

The following pubs will be used…..

1 The Swan, Bishopgatefor registration from 5.30pm

2 The MountBlossom St, 10mins walk, 7pm

3 The AckhorneSt Martin’s Lane, 10 minutes walk, 8pm

4 The Red LionMerchantgate, 10 minutes walk, 9pm

5 The Rook & GaskillLawrence St, 5 minutes stumble, 10pm. Results and prizes.


Typing #YorkWhizz into our search box on our home page will bring up all York pubs that are used!

The inaugural Charity #YorkWhizz Pub @Quizbritain Walk will take place on the evening of Tuesday, May 19th 2015.

York pub licensees are invited to register teams for the event, in the first instance by emailing me on enigmatist50@hotmail.com with #YorkWhizz in the subject field, stating the number of teams (max 6 per team) you expect to be able to field from your pub.

On the day of the event, registration of teams may be completed from 5.30pm onward at the Swan (16 Bishopgate St), where the first set of questions will be issued (after a welcome and general introduction) at 6.30pm. Each pub will be asked to give the names of its chosen charity and team members.

The fee for participation will be £2.50 per team member, all monies collected to be redistributed as prizes or given to the chosen charities of the prize-winning pubs.


5.30pm onward Registration at The Swan: QUESTION SET 1
7pm- The Mount: QUESTION SET 2, followed by
The Bay Horse: “Penalty Shoot Out” QUESTIONS
8pm- The Ackhorne: QUESTION SET 3
9pm- The Red Lion: QUESTION SET 4
10pm- The Rook & Gaskill: QUESTION SET 5
10.30pm sharp Teams submit answer sheet
10.45pm sharp Teams submit “Penalty Shoot Out” answers
11pm onward Results, presentation of prizes


1. A round of drinks for each team in each pub is necessary for receipt of question envelopes. There is no advantage to getting to the venue before the appointed question distribution time other than being at the front of the queue.
2. Each envelope will contain the full updated question set, so team members joining at later pubs may easily “catch up” on previous rounds. Such members’ names must, however, be registered at the start.
3. Of each £2.50, 50p will go to the prize fund, £2 to the charity fund, and none to my pocket. This is a non-profit-making event.
4. Prizes will be given to the teams (and their associated charities) finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and second last. Additional prize positions may be added, depending on turnout. Cash prize amounts and other information will be announced en route.
5. “Plain-clothes” marshals will be present in each pub to ensure fair play. If you must employ electronic equipment, it should be for personal use only; maybe even seek permission from one of the organisers.
6. The ten “Penalty shoot out” questions will be used as necessary as tiebreakers. In true football fashion, the number of corrects from Questions 1-5 count first, followed by “sudden death”, question by question.
7. Have a great evening, but remember, please, that the event is (meant to be): (a) fun (b) for charity.
8. If your pub runs a quiz and is not yet affiliated to @Quizbritain, please ask one of the organisers. For a one-off life payment of £9.99, we will promote your pub quiz!

John Henderson, York, May 2015

So if you’d like to be involved, email John on enigmatist50@hotmail.com

or call our office today. So what are you waiting for….

Let’s #YorkWhizz!


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